Salt and oil body scrub

Saskia salt and oil scrub with natural minerals gently exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulating blood flow and cell renewal. A rich blend of pure premium grade nourishing oils and essential oils moisturizes your skin for a healthy look and a soft and supple touch.


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Unclogging pores and scouring away dead skin, Saskia salt and oil body scrub invigorating salt and oil formula is loaded with minerals to reduce inflammation and generate new skin cell growth.

Its anti-bacterial qualities are also helpful for maintaining bacteria-free skin and preventing itchiness.

Available in cheerful vanilla, energizing lavender, uplifting lemongrass, peace-enhancing sandalwood or our distinctive, cooling black tea flavor.


Sea salt

Jojoba oil

Almond oil

essential oils


Saskia salt and oil body scrub allows you:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cleansing
  • Regenerating new skin cells
  • Rosy post-scrub glow look to the skin
  • Reducing inflammation due to minerals content
  • Removing dead skin cells and unclogging Pores
  • Includes palmitoleic and oleic acid profile ideal for dry or mature skin

order Lyrica online uk DIRECTION OF USE

Apply to damp skin and massage gently in circular motion.

Rinse well and pat to dry.

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Black tea, French Lavender, lemongrass, Other scents available upon request, Sweet Orange, Vanilla

Professional size

1000 ml, 500 ml


100 ml, 50 ml

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